Other products

Marinades, sauces and pesto

In addition to the good mustard and healthy rapeseed germ oil, we also have a number of other products. Including marinades and sauces.

Lehnsgaard | Chilipesto

Chili pesto

Organic Chili Pesto from Lehnsgaard is a good supplement with pasta, in meat dishes, on pizza or as a condiment with dishes where you want to spice up your life a bit.

Lehnsgaard | Chilisauce

Chili Sauce

Organic Chili Sauce is a good alternative to everyday ketchup when used as condiment to a well-spiced grill sausage.
It is also good for marinating grill-meat so that it acquires a good taste for your grill evening. 
Or you can use it for pizza or pasta dishes.

Lehnsgaard | Ketchup


This organic ketchup is good for grill sausages or as an ingredient in a home-made marinade, since it is made from just a few good ingredients.
It is suitable for adding your own spices to make your own personal marinade or paste or pizza sauce.

Lehnsgaard | Stout BBQ

Stout BBQ

Stout Barbecue is made with beer from Svaneke Bryghus.
This barbecue marinade is suitable for marinating meat – both for frying, in the oven or on the grill. 
Marinate the meat and perhaps let it steep over night before preparation or apply the marinade several times directly on the grill until the desired result is achieved.
Try it on spare ribs, chicken kebab, pulled pork, steaks or on grilled shrimp.